Thursday, January 29, 2009

HOWTO install Plugin Architecture 2.3 for Cacti 0.8.7c

HOWTO Install Pluging Architecture over a fresh Cacti 0.8.7c - Ubuntu 8.04

1.- Install Cacti as indicated in older Post

2.- Download PA

Last version: Pluging Architecture 2.3
Released: Mon, 19 Jan 2009
From console:
root@server:/var/www/cacti# wget
2.- Uncompress and pre-install
Create a directory to store PA
root@server:/var/www/cacti# mkdir pa
root@server:/var/www/cacti# cp pa/
root@server:/var/www/cacti# cd pa/
root@server:/var/www/cacti/pa# unzip

Copy cacti-plugin-0.8.7c-PA-v2.3.diff to cacti main directory
root@server:/var/www/cacti/pa# cp cacti-plugin-0.8.7c-PA-v2.3.diff ..
root@server:/var/www/cacti/pa# cd ..
root@server:/var/www/cacti# ls cacti-plugin-0.8.7c-PA-v2.3.* -l
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 91507 2009-01-29 15:42 cacti-plugin-0.8.7c-PA-v2.3.diff

Pre-install to report errors
root@server:/var/www/cacti# patch -p1 -N --dry-run < cacti-plugin-0.8.7c-PA-v2.3.diff

patching file auth_changepassword.php
patching file auth_login.php
patching file data_sources.php
patching file graph_image.php
patching file graph.php
patching file graphs_new.php
patching file graphs.php
patching file host.php
patching file include/auth.php
patching file include/bottom_footer.php
patching file include/global_arrays.php
patching file include/global_constants.php
patching file include/global_form.php
patching file include/global.php
patching file include/global_settings.php
patching file include/plugins.php
patching file include/top_graph_header.php
Hunk #2 succeeded at 55 with fuzz 1 (offset -42 lines).
Hunk #3 succeeded at 107 (offset -42 lines).
Hunk #4 succeeded at 119 (offset -42 lines).
Hunk #5 succeeded at 127 (offset -42 lines).
Hunk #6 succeeded at 156 (offset -42 lines).
patching file include/top_header.php
patching file index.php
patching file lib/api_device.php
patching file lib/auth.php
patching file lib/functions.php
patching file lib/html_form.php
patching file lib/html.php
patching file lib/plugins.php
patching file lib/poller.php
patching file lib/rrd.php
patching file lib/variables.php
patching file plugins/index.php
patching file plugins.php
patching file poller.php
patching file user_admin.php
patching file utilities.php

OBS If you receive some FAILED messages then PA won't work fine. I recommend you to Re-install cacti.

3.- Apply patches and fix some changes
Apply the Diff file
root@server:/var/www/cacti# patch -p1 -N < cacti-plugin-0.8.7c-PA-v2.3.diff

Now, If you go to Cacti Web site you will see something like this:

So, You have to go to include/global.php file and update like this:
root@server:/var/www/cacti# vim include/global.php

Change from:
$config['url_path'] = '/';

$config['url_path'] = '/cacti';

Now Cacti console is fixed but we need to update cacti DB

4.- Update DataBase
Cacti DB works with 48 TABLES but it will use 52 whit PluginArchitecture
root@server:/var/www/cacti# cd pa/
root@server:/var/www/cacti/pa# mysql -uroot -pRootPasswd noc <>
  • plugin_hooks
  • plugin_db_changes
  • plugin_realms
  • plugin_config

5.- Update Realm Permissions for "admin"
Enable for admin user
Go to:
console-> User Management -> Select Admin -> Realm Permissions



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